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Park Passes

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Summer 2020-2021 Anticipated dates and Times:

**Saturday 28 th November 2020 – 6th December 2020**

  • Saturday and Sunday: First Jump 10:00am Last Jump 5:00pm
  • Weekdays: First Jump 12:00pm Last Jump 5:00pm

**7 th December 2020 – 27th January 2021**

  • First Jump 10:00 am – Last Jump 5:00pm

**28 th January – 2nd April 2021
(Trading Dates and Times SUBJECT TO CHANGE)**

  • Saturday and Sunday: First Jump 10:00am – Last Jump 5:00pm
  • Weekdays: First Jump 12:00pm – Last Jump 5:00pm


**3 rd April – 12th April 2021**


Daily Jump Pass
VIP Unlimited Pass

Aquazone Pass Details

Aquazone @lakemulwala is home to Victoria’s largest inflatable water park.

This adventure-packed floating water park allows participants to jump, bounce, and slide around the enormous obstacle course as individuals, in groups, or perhaps as a challenge for the whole family.

VIP Unlimited Jump Pass

Ensure your summer is adrenaline-filled and action-packed!

Read on to find out what you’ll have access to at Aquazone on Lake Mulwala with your NEW VIP Pass:

  • Unlimited access: Come as many times as you want. Once it’s official you’re a registered VIP, come and go as you please. Due to the nature of our business bookings are still required, you still do that online or at the park. If you’re 11 and over, Mum and Dad can be a real HEADACHE, so come and hang out with people who appreciate your energy!
  • Bring a friend for free day: It’s always great to share the fun with a mate. Present your VIP Unlimited Jump Pass and bring your friend on one of our special VIP Friend Day’s (day to be advised).
  • Dodgeball: All the rage! Dodgeball on the WATER, now that’s unique! Free to VIP Unlimited Jump Pass holders. Season dates to be confirmed.
  • Merchandise: All VIP Unlimited Jump Pass holders are eligible to an immediate 10% off all merchandise purchases.
  • VIP Facebook Group: Join the community to swap stories and make new connections. Bragging rights and storytelling make for great summer memories.
  • Exclusive seating and shade: Our VIPs have exclusive seating and shade areas for your comfort.
  • VIP EXPRESS Lane: Forgot to book online? Cringe having to queue? Alas go directly to the VIP Express LANE for speedy registration.
  • Priority access to Group Bookings: Unlimited Jump Pass Holders are VIPs for a reason. Did you just decide right now to bring your mates to the park? Do you NEED your GROUP BOOKED ASAP?? VIP Express Lane will resolve your challenge as quickly as they can.
  • Exclusive offers with other local businesses: Aquazone is privileged to have excellent relationships with local businesses. Access to special offers and savings will be made available as they come to hand.
  • Exclusive activities at the park throughout the season: Zumba Sessions, Aqua-noughts fitness sessions, and yoga on the park