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Stand Up Paddle Board Sessions

All sessions are guided by an Aquazone Lifeguard.

1 Hour Rental
2 Hour Rental


Stand Up Paddle Boarding, otherwise “Supping” for those in the know…. Is currently the fastest growing board sport in the world.
Surf Legends like Tom Carroll, and Rob Machado SUP regularly. Even celeb’s like; Jennifer Aniston and Pierce Brosnan have been seen getting their SUP on!!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has been around since ancient Polynesian times, and was rediscovered in the 60’s by the “Surf Dudes’ in Waikiki Hawaii……
The; ‘Beach Boys’, began standing up on their boards and using a paddle to get out to the break. This allowed them a better vantage point from which to spot the next big sets, take photos of thrill-seeking surfers, and most importantly, to keep a sharp eye on their students.
Fast forward to the year 2000, where a flat spell of waves in Hawaii encouraged the re-birth of the sport when the likes of big wave legend Laird Hamilton recognised the benefits of Stand-Up Paddles Boarding for cross training purposes.

The Benefits:

Supping offers an array of fantastic health benefits. The boards are much longer, wider and more buoyant than ‘normal’ surfboards. This allows you to comfortably balance on them and propel yourself with the paddle.


Improves balance: Standing upright on the board, requires core stability and leg strength to maintain balance. This not only helps you have a good balance while paddle boarding but increases your focus and balance in day-to-day activities, as well.

Full body workout: Almost every muscle in the body is used at some point during Supping. Because of the balance required, leg muscles will be hard at work attempting to stabilize your centre of gravity, in the meantime the arms, back and shoulders are used to propel the paddleboard in the water. Core, back and abdominal muscles are constantly at work to maintain your balance.

Low impact: Supping is a very low impact exercise. With that in mind, it is unlikely that you will do damage to the tendons and ligaments of your joints. Paddle boarding is particularly useful for runners that are experiencing shin splints or knee and hip pain, yet still need a good exercise to do while healing.

Reduces stress: Water naturally soothes the body and exercise helps to reduce stress. Add the soothing sounds as you glide through the water, the sensation of actually walking on water, and the rhythm of your stroke, and the stress you feel starts to loosen its grip on you and melts away.

Overall increased strength: After spending a day out on a paddleboard, it’s natural to feel a little sore all over your body. But soreness is a good thing because that means you are building up your overall body strength.

Cardio workout: If you spend enough time out on the water paddle boarding, you can get a good cardio workout. You can also race your friends while paddling to make it a bit more motivating and challenging, which is a good way to get the heart rate up.

Useful in rehabilitation injuries: Because of its low impact nature, paddle boarding can be a useful tool for people in rehab to gently increase strength without doing any harm. It is very gentle on your muscles and joints.

Improves endurance: As you begin master Supping, so to will there be increasing endurance of the constant paddling. Once you notice that your balance is improving and your muscles aren’t getting quite as tired, then you know your endurance is increasing.
Better cardiovascular health: According to, paddle boarding will help you avoid being a victim of heart attacks and strokes. Because engaging in paddle boarding is similar to running, aerobics, or even cross-training, you’ll have improved cardiovascular health and less risk for related diseases.
Allows you to connect with nature: Being out on the water is calming and engaging with nature can have a positive effect on your mental health and attitude.

In addition, getting some extra vitamin D from the sun is good for you!

All sessions are strictly guided by a qualified Aquazone Lifeguard.