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Aquazone, provides the most physically challenging course of its’ nature in the region, an ideal platform for the personal development of the modern student. Education and societal pastimes are technology based with compelling evidence of increasing physical an emotional challenges faced by children today.

Getting outdoors, in the fresh air and vitamin D enriched sun (with a slip slop slap approach) revitalises the mind, body and soul of the Teacher and the Student.

Aquazone’s category 4 Wibit inflatable obstacle course allows a multi-faceted approach through fitness and dexterity to individual and team pursuits similar to the corporate world.

Learning and a Big Day Out:

Our obstacle course supports the development of cognitive function, particularly needed in today’s fast paced techno world.

Some of the area’s impacted are:

  • Proprioception: The unconscious understanding of the body in space through movement and spatial arising from stimuli with an environment.
  • Critical Thinking: deduce consequences from what the patron knows and how to use information to solve problems
  • Left-Brain Right Brain Function; the lateralization of brain function through play.
  • Team Work: social skills and empathy. It’s through understanding each other students can break down barriers.
  • Communication Skills: the foundation of daily life..
A Big Day Out $$$:
  • Cost – $16.50 per student
  • Teachers Jump for free (Not available School Holidays, Weekends, Public Holidays)
  • Aquazone Activity Leader $100 per session.
Healthy Body – Healthy Mind:

School sport and physical fitness, can now be more creative and exciting. Make Aquazone a part of your school fitness program this season!

The unique and robust nature of the inflatable obstacle course means it meets the needs of all ages and abilities from 7yrs and up. Students don’t even realise they are improving their fitness, dexterity and co-ordination… It’s all fun and games!

The key area’s of fitness impacted are:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle Strength
  • Endurance
  • Body Composition
Healthy Body- Healthy Mind $$$:

For an ongoing School Sport or After School Activities Program, pricing will be tailored to your needs. Contact Deb 0407 483 612 or via email

A Tailored Approach, Something Different:

The teachers and students in your school may require a specialised and tailored approach.

What keeps you at wake at night? What skills and learning would you like supported?

Aquazone has joined forces with Creative Workz MD Jennifer Weller

A business and education genius, whose handy-work of innovation and ideation you see in the isles of supermarkets every day. Jennifer a Telstra Business Woman of the Year recipient now runs tailored programs for individuals and organisations who have the courage to do things differently.

To discuss your individual schools needs email your requirements

to: or call Deb Direct on 0407 483 612

Let’s get the ball rolling!
  • All patrons wear sun safe attire, and don’t forget to Slip – Slop – Slap prior to your session time
  • Schools will be forwarded a ride agreement for parents or guardians to sign prior to attending
  • Patrons must have a minimum swimming ability (20 metres without a life jacket)
  • Patrons must wear a supplied PFD
  • Patrons will attend the safety briefing before entering the water.