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Corporate & Team Groups

Aquazone Creativeworkz

Leadership, team building, Army-style training, cooking classes, frontline management, survivor, conferences, workshops, read every new guru’s book, 360-degree appraisals, but…….

YOU STILL FEEL there is A GAP that needs work, there’s a new mountan to climb, a new challenge you haven’t seen yet?

Are you looking for personal and/or team growth? Book a team building event at Aquazone!

What is it?

  • A program tailored for your specific needs.
  • We find out what keeps you and your team awake at night.
  • What are the hidden challenges for each team member (or just for you)?
  • Where are the gaps in your approach to business (if you are looking for innovation and ideation)?
  • One size fits all never quite works, they have to be aimed at the lowest common denominator.
  • Our prework will target your needs, your purpose and the outcomes you are looking for – however we reserve the right to challenge you on these after we do our diagnosis!
Group Booking (25+ Guests) Image 1

Why is it unique?

  • It is tailored for you by Aquazone and Creativeworkz
  • Creativeworkz MD is Jennifer Weller you will see her handiwork in the supermarket isles everyday where her skills in ideation and innovation had made millions for the companies she has worked for.
  • A Telstra business woman of the year she now runs tailored programs for individuals and business who have the courage to do things differently.
  • She will be your diagnostician, your guide, your greatest supporter, and your most honest critic.

What will you receive?

  • It is tailored for you by Aquazone and Creativeworkz.
  • Aquazone is a unique challenge in regional Australia.
  • Our inflatable adventure park on water is located on the foreshore in Yarrawonga, just off the Mulwala Bridge.
  • It is an awarded example of creative thinking and innovation. There are lessons for the telling from its creation.
  • There’s no stretch without fun!
  • Challenges can include as many or as little in the park – or you can just use it as a fun time together.


  • Provide a tailored and unique development platform that is specific to the needs of your organisation;
  • Help your leaders grow beyond where they thought they could be;
  • Help your business take the high ground nationally and internationally;
  • Develop resilience, ignite the sense of fun and challenge that living everyday inspires.
  • Enhance cohesion within your organisations;
  • In order for teams to fulfil their intended role of improving organizational effectiveness, it is critical that teams develop into working units that are focused on their goal, mission, or reason for existing;
  • Rediscover your inner WHY, reconnect with your higher purpose, individually and as a team.

Corporate Development & Our Local Area

We are fortunate that Our Corporate Development guru, Rhiannon Dunkley is also a Travel Adviser, having been in the travel industry for over 11 years. We asked Rhi to tell us a little about herself and fill us in on some of the local hotspots. Here’s what Rhi had to say:

My 11 years working in the travel industry, initially working in a shopfront in Corowa for 8 years, has led me to working from home, growing my own Travel business. I’m also in partnership with another passionate Travel Adviser where we work on Group travel, Conferences and Luxury arrangements for our Australian and International clients.

My clients are not only from this area, but also from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and a lot of country towns surrounding the Corowa region. I have worked with groups throughout my entire time in travel and its one part of my job that I really enjoy.

Like a lot of regional towns, Yarrawonga and surrounds have so much to offer in terms of recreational & sporting activities, including an incredible golf course, wineries and of course the Murray river for all things water sports.

Being the one that will be organising the arrangements for the Corporate development groups, I want each and every person to experience that best this region has to offer. Some of the inclusions your group can expect whilst we welcome you to the region are, first and foremost, seeing who can withstand the challenging inflatable watercourse of Aquazone. Who can last the 50 minutes? Fun, Challenging, Exhausting, heart racing and a barrel of laughs is what we hear when our customers come off the course.

You will get to stay at your choice of accommodation in Yarrawonga/Mulwala with choices to suit your corporate group. Whether it be apartments or houses on the water, the picturesque Golf Club with access to the course, gym, free shuttle service plus the bar and restaurants, or one of the beautiful motels on offer depending on group size.

Does your own private Limo sound appealing? Or even your own luxury mini bus? Based on group size, you will be chauffeured around the country side to discover some of the best wineries we have to offer. Here will be wine tasting, lunch and possibly some cheese and chocolate tasting depending on the winery you are taken to. After a few cheeky wines at either one or possibly two wineries, you will then make your way back to Yarrawonga to experience some incredible restaurants on offer to finish your day on a real high!

It doesn’t end there, depending on how many days your package is for, we have so many other fun activities you can take part in. Why not indulge on the Cumbaroona for a cruise around Lake Mulwala, head to the ski club for some local music, try your luck wakeboarding or even the ever so popular Fly board – pushing you through the air for an adrenaline rush. All this right from Lake Mulwala.

If a gorgeous little hidden oasis is more your style, we also have the popular Rich Glen olives on the outskirts of Yarrawonga. A perfect place for bunch, lunch or to purchase some local produce.

If this all doesn’t sound appealing, I’m not sure what will!


Rhi Dunkley