Conditions of Entry


Aquazone@lakemulwala Pty Ltd



Adventure activities such as Aquazone @lakemulwala Pty Ltd are potentially hazardous. There are several slip hazards and other physical challenges associated with the inflatable park. All inflatable park patrons require a reasonable level of physical fitness for this obstacle course. If you have any medical conditions that prevent you from participating in a highly physical activity in water do not proceed to booking a session time. (such as heart conditions, pregnancy, chronic spinal and lung conditions and the like.)


  • Aquazone employee’s reserve the right to refuse entry to Aquazone to patrons we believe to be at risk or not competent

  • I agree to wear a lifejacket supplied and fitted by Aquazone @lakemulwa Pty Ltd always while on the inflatable fun park.

  • I will remove my watch and any jewellery before I go onto the Aquazone Park

  • I will only complete feet first entries

  • I will not will not swim or go under the inflatable structure for ANY REASON

  • All participants on the ride must be competent swimmers.

* Minimum standard is: Competently swim 20m without a life jacket


  • There are metal bars around the trampoline and I am aware of this potential hazard

  • Aquazone is in a natural aquatic environment. There are fish and other aquatic and non-aquatic creatures found naturally in the Lake Mulwala environment.

  • Due to the physical nature of the venue and the chance of potential collision injury, Aquazone DOES NOT permit expecting Mums to participate

  • If I am reading and signing on behalf of a group of children I will competently relay the information to all the participants

  • I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Any open cuts, scratches or sores must be covered with waterproof bandages

  • I understand there are physical demands and inherent risk involved with participating on this ride, including but not limited to potential knee and shoulder injury

  • I understand that if I break one of these agreements I will be asked to leave the ride without refund

  • I have been warned about the inherent risk of entrapment and agree to take responsibility for the welfare of the children in my care on this amusement on this day.