Our Rides:

The Ice Tower:

Go where few have gone before.. Challenge yourself to the Everest of Inflatables…. Can you make it to the top??

The Spinner:

You spin me right round baby right round, Like a record, round round round.

Wiggle Bridge:

Did you ever dream about walking on water? With the Wiggle Bridge you can…. If you can stay upright of course!

The Lifeguard Tower:

Scanning the empire known as Aquazone… Our Lifeguards have got you covered.

Sooo...Bugga the Severe Weather Warning ⚠️ Aquazone @lakemulwala is already 40%Booked for Friday the 30th of December So..BRING IT ONNNNNN.....We'll work around the weather if you can too???? #wibit_sports #hydrocare #yarrawongamulwatourism #moirashirePress the photo for the music 🎶

Posted by Aquazone at lakemulwala on Thursday, 29 December 2016