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10 SUP Session Pass

11+ years old

10 SUP Passes

10 SUP Sessions

Normally $300 our price $199

Treat yourself to a truly fun, and invigorating pass time! SUP is a non-concussive activity, suited tall ages and abilities from 11 yrs and up

Out in the fresh air, on the majestic waters of Lake Mulwala, you will be guided by your supervising Lifeguard under the Belmore Street bridge in to a beautiful body of water, that is not as confronting as the main waterway of Lake Mulwala, more sheltered and less marine craft traffic.

SUPPING, activates; Core Muscles, utilises glutes, quads and hamstrings. Biceps, Triceps and more….

Important functions such as; Proprioception, Balance and Equilibrium, are enhanced through the activation of your core and vestibular system!

Not to mention, belly aching laughter as you and your group members fall off and attempt to climb back on … reminding you, life is meant to be fun!

All in all SUPPING is Bloody Good FOR YOU!


Once you buy your pass, you will receive a code in the confirmation email. You will use this code to book into your 10 SUP sessions!